Business Mindset

God created His world and invested His tools there for the purpose of profiting and benefiting his creation.

An inadequate knowledge, knowing or ignorance of this purpose is the tap root of all the woes mankind is wading by today. The long gap among the prosperous and the peasant, among the prosperous and the poor. Even the trigger for the certainly of a number of of those who are prosperous at the second but will increase to be poor tomorrow. It is this same reason. Ignorance of God purpose for blessing mankind with His resources. Which is for growth multiplication and expansion, benefiting others in the process.

Nigeria my own country remains doubtless just about the most reliable gifted and bestowed of God resources, but with pain and grief, I would particularly store clear of repeating what everybody know goes on now. Ignorance at the part of the leaders to realize that the tools are meant to be traded with to benefit those they are governing. So they support themselves with it. Line their pockets and wallets in Swiss, and assorted coded payments in Europe with it. Misplaced priorities and spending on lifeless frivolities and irrelevant white elephant duties etc.

The effect? Epileptic function of infrastructural facilities, high crime rate, unemployment, poverty, dysfunctional nicely being care system, corruption, identify it.

During the oil growth Iraq was making heavy money, so was Nigeria. I got informed by reading a write up in Readers Digest of what the then Iraq leader was doing with the oil cash earned. What was he doing with it? He was investing it both at residence and abroad. What of Nigeria? Our then Head of State made those who care to hear to realize that cash was now now not Nigeria's issue but the way to spend it....... Notice the word spend again!

While one was investing one assorted was "spending...... or even having points with spending it. If the head is sick what happens to the body? One leader was investing and one assorted was spending.

'There is treasure to be needed and oil in the residence of the wise: but a foolish man "SPENDETH" it up' proverbs 20:21.

So also was ignorance at the part of the governed. The citizens. My own countrymen. The only language they knowing is "Spend" Some men even made a proverb out of it that what is written on cash is "Spend". So at occasions they spend and "Sprayed" it on musicians who in turn squander and spend it on women liquor, drugs, and assorted vanities same to jewelries. And at the second 80% percent of the naira sprayers and 80% of the musicians sprayed are historical dustbins. Except a number of few sensible ones among those musicians maybe about 20% who belief you do now now not spend and squander everything you may be 'sprayed' with. The rest 80% of then are in the limbo today.

What assorted points did Nigerians now now not spend the oil cash on? More wives, and more children and for certain more naming ceremonies with possibility to squander and spray cash again. More chieftaincy titles with funny and obnoxious sounding appellations.

The form traits did now not support subjects either. Today its high heeled sneakers and baggy trousers, tomorrow or now not it's 'selecto' sneakers and 'pencil' mouthed trousers. So the spending continues. A life policy marketer that sells an investment/pension scheme or retirement plan policy to an herbal worker or commerce man in Nigeria in seventies and eighties is simply speaking Greek or Latin.

Until finally Lucifer 'solved' the issue of the way to spend the cash for our leaders in the mid seventies by supporting them to organise FESTAC (festival of African arts and culture). Then did the hammer started to descend in quickly successions early in the eighties. First it was austerity measures followed later by SAP. The rest is history.

Wealth is meant to be created, distributed and invested. Not just for consumption only. Otherwise it increase wings and flies by the window the e-book of proverbs warned and advised in the bible.

Jesus mentioned a man's life would now now not consist in the abundance of points which he possesses NOT in the abundance of points which he invests. He is saying in essence that wealth is now not a question of abundance of possessions but in abundance of investments. That was why in the delusion of the skills The Lord placed the news all of the sudden that He is now not toward investments but toward covetousness, which is now not just idolatry but an offspring of selfishness and greed.

You create and distribute it with what is available, are it with the 5 talents, 3 or 2 and despite simply 1, which the wicked and slothful servant would particularly bury than invest. Then you acquire more sales and invest the sales again and multiplication follows and the wealth hold increasing. Jesus understood what God His Father meant while He mentioned 'Be fruitful, and multiply......' God's purpose for everything He created was growth, expansion, and increase. That the complete advent itself was an investment. And the returns and dividends all folks can see today. Just from a modest garden in Eden surrounded by vast jungles unto massive skyscrapers in Dubai, Tokyo, Paris, London, Abuja, Arkansas, Djakarta, etc.etc.

When God invests what He expected is expansion now now not just mere consumption of the returns at the investment, but re-investment and the end end end impact multiplications. It is a thought that works on or now not it's own accord. The law of multiplying effect.

Consumption of the returns is the habit of many uninformed men during the world. Just a little bit bit return from an investment or a bonus, the next thing is to move ashopping, holidays and spending sprees. God's suggestions say NO. You invest it again so that more comes, and you hold on with the circle until you have got got a considerable investment portfolios or businesses. And the end end end impact is what is called wealth and riches. This was how God started the complete creation. All men at the face of the earth at the second started with a male and the female. Adam and Eve. And they kept multiplying.

Investments increase of their own accord it expands and fulfill God distinctive purpose for all points and benefit others. Others feed and get blessed by your investments. That is why there will now now not be any the region in the bible that Jesus condemned investments. But particularly supported it with parables upon parables. For instance the delusion the talents, the delusion of the husband man that leased his vineyard expecting a dividend at the end of the year etc etc.

Jesus invested simply 12 disciples and 120 others and see the returns. 5,000 one assorted 4,000 then church homes started to spring and blossom in Cappadocia, Antioch, Galatia, Corinth etc. And see what goes on today, yet you may be typically now now not seeing anything yet. What we are seeing is simply a tip of the iceberg.

God invested a seed of 12 men by Abraham, Issac and Jacob to jump a complete country called Israel today. A country that has lasted all histories and empires.

God and Jesus His son are function presents of investors. Be an investor at the second with out a topic come into your arms and do now now not be a spendrift and a waster. Invest and stop coveting greedily. Practice what is called 'delayed gratification'. Learn to deny and discipline yourself. That is Jesus primary for whosoever needs to follow His principles. What you may be accumulating at the second will afterwards come into your arms tomorrow despite more if only you would possibly deny yourself and invest with the little you have got got today.

Dr John F Demartini said: do now now not spend your life running for money, save cash and appoint it to work for you.

If our leaders in Nigeria had hired our oil cash to work for us, we can now now not be the region we are today. Iraq leaders did. And twice the country was leveled to near rubbles both in 1990 and 2001, yet the cities have been rebuilt again without asking for e-book or support from any western country (who could also oblige them anyway?).

All because the country have more than enough in her reserves which her leaders invested during the oil growth era; but which our own leaders spent or even had issue with spending.

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