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 Mandies Cocktails, Eventi Cocktails, Cocktails In and Out, Shakersand Ice. These and plenty of more cocktail firms are flooding the seashores of Lagos and assorted places in Nigeria. The agency of get together management and hospitality has imbued the art of mixology and cocktail mixing. When you log into Instagram, search “cocktails Nigeria”.  You will see the amount of cocktail owners that divulge display divulge their work on their pages. Their pages are depicted with colorful and contemporary drinks. So what is the Cocktail Business all about? How does it have an impact on Nigeria? Who are the pioneering entrepreneurs which may well be pushing the agency forward? Let’s see what cocktail is all about!

What is a Cocktail?

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  Simply put, a cocktail is a combined alcoholic drink. A Cocktail is combined equally as one type of alcohol with juices, as a tender drink and assorted fruits or as a selection of alcoholic drinks with juices or ice tea. Drinking is stylish and stylish in today’s world. As a result, cocktails and what we’ve come to recognize as “mocktails” are usually confused for each other.
  Mocktails are any combined drinks that don’t contain alcohol. The name “mocktail” is derived from the word “mock” meaning to “imitate or mimic”. Mocktails are imitations of cocktails in the take pleasure in that they seem identical to them, but do not have alcohol or any assorted spirits.

  Today, whereas we look for the advice of with an alcoholic combined drink, a cocktail is any beverage that incorporates five hundred or more food if a minimal of 1 in every of those food incorporates alcohol. It is said that cocktail was derived from the French word “coquetier”, referring to an eggcup-type measure.
  Here in Nigeria, get together planning and management is increasingly aspect of people’s lives. Wedding ceremonies, birthday occasions or even agency conferences contain a buffet to lighten up the ambiance of cases like this. Cocktails and Mocktails make up a aspect of the menu into today’s entertainment. 
 So Nigerians are truly lovers of leisure and crave for innovation into their hospitality activities. There are so so a lot of venues in which drinks had been implemented severally. Mixologists are get together owners on demand. Lounge Cafes and Restaurants rent the services of Mixologists. Even families and friends contain cocktails and mocktails to excite their get-togethers.
 Interestingly, most of the entrepreneurs that innovate in the agency are women. Yes, I am damn serious. Women with educational and educated journey have set the steps for young businessmen and ladies to engage into the ability of beverage making. Let’s get inspired from just a number of of them.

Entrepreneurs in the Cocktail Business

Lara Rawa

“Cocktail is all about lifestyle.” That is what Lara Rawa says, the founder of Eventi Cocktails.  As a certified  authorized expert by way of ability of profession, she holds a Master’s Degree in International Business Law from Queen Mary University of London. However her passion for Cocktails and get together planning prodded her to follow her dreams.She is currently the drink stylist for Baileys Nigeria Diageo Brand. When it comes to cocktail making in Lagos, the name of Lara Rawa earrings a sounding bell and she is known for creating varied cocktails and custom mixology for luxury events, conferences, wedding, social and corporate events. Read more on Vanguard.

Olufunke Awobokun

Olufunke Awobokun is the Chief Mixologist and CEO of Cocktails In and Out Limited (CIO), a firm that has progressively carved a enviornment of interest for itself in the industryand has a cell cocktail bar services with branches in Lagos & Abuja. Olufunke Awobokun is a mixologist and restaurateur. She is the founder, initiator and pioneer of the venture "Cocktails 2 Live 4" and could be the thoughts behind the Tasters club it truly is a networking get together aimed towards promoting and enlightening the Nigerian consumers about the extreme high quality art of mixology and principally promoting the cocktail culture. In 2008, she grew to become a certified a mixologist and bartender from the Shaker Bar School.

Titi Oshodi

Titi Oshodi is the Managing Partner of T-Eye Dot. She is an experiential marketer with over a decade journey in marketing, gross sales and agency development. Delving into this feat was borne out of her upper interest and passion for cocktails and beverages and zeal to share in the intrinsic rate creating varied type of drink mixes. She holds a certificate in Bartending/Mixology from Liquid Lab New York and Liquid Library Bartending Academy, Lagos.

Olubunmi Mise

Olunbunmi Mise is the Chief executive Officer of Mises Cocktails. She is a certified Bartender and Mixologist. She has a certificate in Bartending and Mixology from Spronks Boisson Palais Lagos and Molecular Mixology School, London. She currently obtained a WSET Level II Award in Wine and Spirits from the East London Wine School in 2015.

Olajumoke Michael-Ojo

A Shaker UK certified International Bartender and Wine Specialist  has penned her success as she has primarily founded Mandies Cocktails. After running for 7 years as a human helpful support consultant at KPMG in Nigeria, Jumoke ventured into the cocktail business. Citing a gap in the industry, whereby cocktails had been not top made and truly little attention was given to presentation details, she decided to switch that. Today she owns one in every of maybe a few of the most desirable successful Cocktail and beverage type in the industry, known for quality extreme quality and bright presentation.

Kenechukwu Odera Nkwontah                 

This is the man that has broken the trend of  female entrepreneurship. As the Chief Exectuive Officer of Shakersand Ice, his cocktails and beverage firm was dependent in 2007. His vigorous career as a Mixologist and bartender is fuelled by way of ability of an vigorous want to be an authority in bartending and suggest for cocktails and mixology in Nigeria.

Feeling Inspired? So you do! True, this ability is an exhilarating ability to acquire. It’s inventive and quite so so a lot attractive. People thrive in it and there could also be still a gap to be stuffed with passionate beverage making. But how are you capable to do as a vibrant, young Nigerian or African aspirant leap up a business? Is it super capital-intensive?  What abilities do you need?

How to leap your private cocktail business?
 There are institutes in Nigeria which may well be specialized in the mixing of beverage, cocktails, mocktails or milkshakes. For example, Mix ‘n’ Bake School is a certified academy that ability to teach of us into smoothies, punches and flips. They even transfer thus far as offering pastry classes. They are determined in Ojodu, Maryland and Abuja. You can also switch right into a expert mixologist with the Blossom Bartending School. There you will be capable to learn over 75 sorts of smoothies and cocktails.

 There are many more academies you will be capable to consult. The fee is pending on the neighborhood and classes they offer. Once you are accomplished with that, you mix and invent assorted mocktails. Advertise your abilities on the greatest platform of promotion and exposure - the social media. Instagram and pininterest are the greatest venues to take picture and showcase. Event planners would truly rent your services. And who knows! If you want to excel in the industry, you also can additionally just as effectively get a profound classes and be a certified wine expert like assorted veterans in the country. The establishment of the agency would require the deployment of  mixing equipment, so finance is a parameter to consider.

 The importance of cocktails in the Nigerian method of life cannot be overemphasized. It’s hard these days to find occasions organized by way of ability of extreme web rate people overlooking this very very main item. This is a agency thought you will be capable to leap with as little as N20,000. So what’s up? Would you want to be like Jumoke, Lara or Olunfunke? Do you want to be a agency man or woman with class, enviornment of interest or creativity? Don’t suppose twice! Go for it! The sky is merely the beginning, not the limit. Cruise Africa Rocks

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